Does whatever a Spider can !


Reviewed on the PS4

During its release week, Spider-Man sold more copies than any other previously-released game in 2018, it became the fastest-selling video game based on the titular character, as well as the fastest-selling Marvel-branded video game of all time. The game sold 3.3 million copies in the first 3 days of its release, a record as the fastest selling first-party video game release in Sony Interactive Entertainment's history, beating God of War (Yes, it beat God of War) .The game grossed an estimated $198 million, surpassing the $117 million opening weekend box office of the 2017 film Spider-Man: Homecoming (And Tom Holland). PSX18 has been cancelled and Sony’s response included “Now that we have Spider-Man out the door, we're looking down in 2019 to games like Dreams and Days Gone, but we wouldn't have enough to bring people all together in some location in North America to have that event.” That’s how big a deal Spider-Man is.

I dint exactly know what to expect when I picked up a copy of Spider-Man. The fact that it was developed by Insomniac Games, one of the most underrated game studios in my opinion did peak interest, but I have been let down by games based on comic book characters before. Spider-Man is truly entertaining and managed to keep me glued to my couch for its 15ish hours of game play. The game is not all web slinging Spider-Man action either, there is a lot of Peter Parker in there, which flushes out the narrative and brings context to dialog.


The game is graphically beautiful, the cityscape never gets dull, lighting is masterful and the variety in textures and reflections make the city almost as good as the character models. Character models, especially during boss battles are brilliantly executed and capture the essence of each iconic villain in Insomniacs own style. The game also has an unusually large draw distance which gives you a sense of direction within the game and makes navigating the open landscape a breeze.  Traversal through the game is nearly flawless, as Spider-Man you can swing by, climb and leap from any roof top in the games version of Manhattan, be it the Empire State Building or the Avengers tower. You can trigger web grapples which let you switch direction midair making Spidey incredibly agile. As you progress, you discover interesting and more efficient ways of getting from objective to another. It’s easy enough not become tedious but rewarding if mastered. Unfortunately, this fluidity in motion doesn’t work as well indoors or during boss battles. It might be necessary to trigger certain cut scenes but does cause some awkward interactions. Don’t get me wrong, the AI is pretty good and makes for some intense gameplay, minions do not wait and attack one after the other, they rush at you with everything they've got and the variety in their arsenal makes each type a little different from the other. combos are much harder to master when compared to the likes of Batman Arkham series. The game also sticks to 30fps at 1080p on the PS4, which is good for a console but a game like this deserves a windows port.


The game has one of my favorite health regain systems, where you have to earn health, the harder you hit, quicker your focus bar fills up and the better chance you have of survival. There’s a whiff of Marvel cinematic in the game and I don’t just mean the sound track. The pacing of the game could be more even, it almost feels like the game shifts in difficulty every 10 minutes, which makes beating up goons on the streets and side quests more entertaining than the sometimes repetitive nature of boss battles.


The game also give Spidey and amazing arsenal of gadgets to choose from and customize. Trip mines, drones, electric webs, web bombs and even a suspension matrix let you stall, stun and combo enemies in ways only limited by your imagination.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180924012909

Spider-man himself learns a few tricks through skill points.


Customization is not just limited to his loadout either Spider-Man gets a plethora of suits that trigger nostalgia and grant access to special abilities. Each suit give you access to a different ability like instant focus meter to escape a near fatal situation and once you unlock the suit you are free to use these skills at any time. Each suit can also be customized further with the use of mods.

You can get through the game by focusing on the main quests alone, but I feel you would be missing out as some of the side quests not only add to gameplay but to the narrative itself. Honestly, I wish the game had more quests than it does now which is high praise for a game with such depth. As Peter Parker you struggle with your boss, your student and even MJ. The story is diverse and immersive, often nailing balance between action and emotion. This game is a must buy and defiantly worth both your time and money. Gorgeous visuals, brilliant music, storytelling and combat mechanics make up for any faults in pacing.


iOS 12 Breakdown


As tech enthusiasts we keep switching from one mobile OS to the other, iOS, Android, Windows we’ve tried them all. I personally believed Maemo was the future. So here are our thoughts on iOS 12. Spoiler alert, it is absolutely brilliant. Apple has always had better support for older devices when compared to others. Updates go live to all devices on the same day, if the hardware could handle it, but they tend to get slower or the battery life gets worse, CPU’s get under clocked and so on.

This is the first time that an OS update makes all devices new & old snappier. This means ramping up CPU performance to its highest state for performance and ramping it down to preserve battery life. Everything from system wide transitions, app launches, page traversal, keyboard animations to camera launches are significantly more responsive. Apples statistics estimate a performance gains anywhere from 40-60% from the update alone. Synthetic benchmarks also show a 20-30% increase in scores, but is more likely caused by better optimization of the benchmark itself.


It’s not just better performance there are so many quality of life improvements. Predictive searches and actions get better over time, but they do get better  you’ll find suggested apps to use, people to text back, reminders to attend or book certain events, and more.  Gone is the farrago of notifications and iOS users finally have access to grouped notifications, everything is neatly organized in stacks based on the type of notification or app and allows us to look at each stack based on importance rather than having to sort through them all. You can also choose which notifications you want hidden from the lockscreen. When you receive a notification, swipe to the left and tap on Manage, which allows you to turn them off completely. Alternatively, you can tap on Deliver Quietly, and the notification will appear in the Notification Center but not on the lockscreen. Do not disturb gets a nifty little update, you can now set up time frames where it automatically kicks in and turns off, so you no longer have to worry about doing it manually. You also have the option to prevent notifications from popping up during this time frame. A blessing for those like me who have difficulty sleeping and constantly check messages. Siri is still inferior to Google, at least for my virtual assistant needs but it’s getting better with each iteration. With Siri Shortcuts, the voice assistant is capable of much more via quick actions that can all be assigned through the new Shortcuts app. There isn’t much you can do at the moment other than customize voice commands to trigger a specific action. For instance, by telling Siri our home address (or whatever phrase you want), we can have the Lyft app launch immediately. As mentioned earlier, Siri will continue to get better and provide better suggestions as we continue to use it. Since we already use the Spotlight Search tool on a daily basis to access certain apps, suggestions conveniently show up underneath and they’re genuinely helpful. If we’re having a conversation with a friend via text and either haven’t responded or tend to text them more often than others, Siri suggests to send a message. When we missed a phone call from a family member, we received a suggestion to make a call back.

You can also create your own voice-activated shortcuts in your device's settings. You pick an app action you'd like Siri to fire up and record a voice command. For example "Hey Siri, start recording" can create a voice memo The Shortcuts app lets you string together multiple shortcut actions into a sort of macro you can either launch from your home screen or activate by talking to Siri. If you're a longtime Mac user, think of it as Automator for your iPhone. After using the app for a while, it's clear why Apple didn't bundle it with this update: Shortcuts is one of the few additions to iOS I've seen that feels like a nod to power users.

Commonly used apps such as Photos, Stocks and iMessage have also been redesigned and look more polished and sleek. There is also a new augmented reality app which can be used to measure physical objects, that’ll come in handy if not it’s just a fun tool to play with.  The keyboard experience is also significantly better, scrolling through text has never been smoother.

Now for features I’m not too sure of, similar to Android P, iOS12 tells you how many times we pick up our phone per hour and App Limits which allow you to set a limit for how long you can use an app. Helping people overcome their addiction to their cellphones is a noble cause but it’s extremely easy to override the limit. The option to either turn off the restriction or delay it is offered to you via a pop-up, without having to take extra steps to get to your Settings. So it doesn’t really stop me from using my device as I always do. Well hold final verdict on battery life for now, but currently I do not see any progress. There have been reports of iPhone users complaining that their screen appears washed out, losing black levels and color saturation. There is a very aggressive skin smoothing issue with the front camera on the latest iPhones, which cannot be toggled off in software. In had retry several times to add a Google account to the mail app, for some reason.

So what are you waiting for ? Jailboken or not this is an update you do not want to wait and the update works on any device that could run iOS 11.

Batman Damned (1/3) “Its about the fall.”

Let’s address the elephant in the room, yes, there is bat butt and more in this comic moving on. Batman damned (1/3) is the first comic to come out of the new publishing DC Black label imprint From DC Entertainment. It aims to gives premier talent the opportunity to expand upon the canon of DC’s iconic Super Hero comic book characters with unique, standalone stories that are outside of the current DC Universe continuity. They have also allowed the artists to get as provocative, edgy and graphic as needed, anything that adds to the story in any way stays.  Giving heavy hitters like Frank Miller, Scott Snyder, Brian Azzarello, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Greg Rucka and John Ridley absolute creative freedom can only lead to beautiful story telling. They are going all out on the art work as well collaborating with John Romia Jr., Greg Capullo, Lee Bermejo and Phil Jimenez.

“DC Black Label offers leading writers and artists of any industry the opportunity to tell their definitive DC stories without being confined to canon,” explains executive editor Mark Doyle. “We are carefully crafting each series to fit the vision of the creative team. All of these creators are masters of their craft. I’m psyched to be working on a Wonder Woman story with Kelly Sue and Phil, helping to bring John’s vision of the other history of the DC universe to life and reuniting with some of the greatest Batman talents in the industry.”

Clearly there is a lot to look forward to from the label. Now that we have an idea of the labels general direction lets focus on Batman Damned. Although the book was reviewed on an iPad, due to availability. The print itself is of odd dimensions from what we can tell. So if you keep your single issues sealed after you’ve read them, heads up. The book is larger more pamphlet sized. The DC Black Label is very much aimed at a mature audience, there is nudity, murder and the entire scene is very dark. Batman Damned is written by Brian Azzarello and styled by Lee Bermejo. The art work is beautiful and the story so far is very interesting. Batman Damned is absolutely gorgeous and the story is interesting without being too technical. The tone of every panel and the emotions they try to convey translate perfectly and this could be the next Killing Joke, but we’ll have to wait for issues 2 and 3.

So the joker is dead and no one, including batman knows who did it or how it happened. We are greeted by a wounded batman surrounded by doctors who try to help him but, well he’s Batman. So obviously he assaults them and flees crying out to Alfred for help. This is where things start getting strange, John Constantine, Enchantress, Zatana (Doing the three card Monty on the street corner, hustling strangers. perfect) and Dead Man make an appearance, and there isn’t much dialog so you are kind of trying to figure out what is happening. Strangely this ambiguity works very well with the art style. There’s a lot happening and you get a sense of desperation shared by Batman himself. He wakes up to a cocky John Constantine, his wounds have healed and he hustles to the Bat cave. This is where the controversial nudity happens. He uses the Bat Computer to scan for injuries. Do you have to be naked for a scan? Probably, could you have avoided the male genitalia from the frame? Yes. But I think that’s the point DC Black isn’t worried about censorship and they have made it very clear. There are scenes of Bruce as a child being haunted by the Enchantress, she never really hurts him but asks if he would stay with her. Images of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Speaking of who, are unlike anything we’ve seen before.

There are few comic books that create such interest and by doing so DC has also raised our expectations for what is to come next.


Death Stranding


Most video game fans have at the least heard of Hideo Kojima, to others he is undoubtedly the greatest video game designer of this generation. Most known for his work in the Castlevania and Metal Gear Franchise under Konami, where he became vice president in 2011, Hideo Kojima became an independent designer in 2015. We finally get to see progress in his latest creation Death Stranding Toward the end of the last day of the Tokyo Game Show 2018, Hideo Kojima appeared on the PlayStation stage to thousands of roaring fans gathered in front, for the premier of the minute long trailer.

“I can’t believe how many people came!” he said, but watch the video linked below and you’ll know why

When asked about the current development status of Death Stranding, Kojima said that “at the moment we’re in the phase where I’m holding the controller the whole day, embedding new elements while playing the game.” As development makes progress “It’s a completely new game. Things are going according to plan, but there’s one thing. Due to the videogame voice actor strike by SAG-AFTRA (labor union) that started in 2016 and lasted a year, I couldn’t record with Norman (Reedus) and Mads (Mikkelsen) during that period. So there are some parts we are still recording.”The mysterious golden-masked character who appeared for the first time in the new trailer will be modeled on Troy Baker, who performed the voice of Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima also gave away an Easter egg in the new trailer. “When he takes off his mask and pushes it to the ground, men appear out of the mud. I’m one of them. You should be able to recognize one character who’s wearing glasses, so that’s me.”


To be honest we still don't know much about the game, there is a strange baby who could be a clone, there are aliens, call signs which may be related to the bible. Death Stranding wont be fore the faint of heart needless to say we have high hopes for this one.

The last tale

Looks like the end for one of the best story tellers in the video games industry. Makers of The Walking Dead, Batman Tales, Tales From The Borderlands and our personal favorite The Wolf Among Us amongst others Telltale Games has laid of all but 25 employees as of September 21, 2018. Currently Telltale only hopes to “fulfill the company’s obligations to its board and partners.”

The company’s CEO, Pete Hawley, also issued the following statement:

“It’s been an incredibly difficult year for Telltale as we worked to set the company on a new course. Unfortunately, we ran out of time trying to get there. We released some of our best content this year and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback, but ultimately, that did not translate to sales. With a heavy heart, we watch our friends leave today to spread our brand of storytelling across the games industry.”

For those who follow the company, the news may not be as shocking as it is to others, the company had to let go of 90 of its employees in November, 2017. There have also been reports of the company’s resources being stretched, employees having to put more hours into productions, senior developers walking away and the law suit by former CEO Kevin Bruner. All things considered Walking Dead Season II may be left unfinished by the 15 year old company.

Telltale had created an iconic style with the first Walking Dead game, developing their own game engine and this opened doors to numerous licenses Minecraft, Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Game Of thrones, Batman, Jurassic Park, Back To The Future and many more. In June Telltale had discussed plans to stream its games to subscribers, they were also rumors of them working on a game based on Stranger Things and some of the best in the business were working on the sequel to Wolf Among Us. In the end corporate drama and the niche nature of the genre they mastered in games has taken its toll. But as they leave we have nothing but fond memories of their beautiful narrative and creative art style.

Torbjörn Rework

Our favorite dwarf, is getting a major update. Torbjörn is moving away from being a control point, defense only pick to a versatile and balanced hero.

Jeff Kaplan Developer Update.

For those who wish to skip the developer update, here are the essentials.

Armor Packs

A major part of Torbjörns skill set was the ability to generate armor packs, each armor pack gave him or an ally 75 armor. The catch being, the need to collect scrap (Auto generates one scrap every second, and could pick up scrap from dead enemies or turrets.) Which meant that killing an enemy long range wasn’t enough he had to get close or behind enemy lines to actually collect enough scrap to be of value to his team. Torbjörn could only carry 200 scrap at a time which let him create four armor packs at best.

Armor packs and the scrap system have been removed in their entirety. Instead he gets a new ability (Overload) which temporarily gives him 150 armor, increased movement speed and also increases the fire rate on his rivet gun. This does not replenish health if he had been damaged before the ability was used.

Molten Core

The demon turret from hell which never misses is being replaces with pools of molten lava. Torbjörn could single handedly contest a point even from spawn, if the enemy team ignored his level two turret. His ultimate would instantly upgrade the level two turret to an 800 health level three, with a fire rate that could rival Orissa and never miss. OPAF, but take out his level two and he wastes precious ultimate charge on building a turret or a basic buff to his fire rate and armor.

This heavy dependency on the damage potential of his ultimate on the location and level of his turret has been removed.

During molten core Torbjörn can now shoot ten balls of molten lava, quite similar to the .52 Gal from Splatoon. The lava stays on the floor and deals damage to any enemy crossing it and kills anyone who cannot disengage quickly enough. This also does additional damage to armor, including armor given by Brigitte.


Torbjörn , no longer has to build turrets up from level one to two. He can simply throw a turret which will allow some creative gameplay and they simply set up as level two turrets and start dishing out damage in under four seconds. He still has the ability to repair a turret if he feels the need to leave it at particular point and the turret build is on cool down. He also has the ability to destroy turrets similar to Sombra’s beacon.

This is the biggest buff, within the update. Torbjörn no longer has to stop firing and risk elimination during a build. He can simply chuck the turret and continue dealing damage or disengaging. The turret instantly starts dealing damage as soon as it sets up. It also prefers the target you pick instead of the one closest. ie. if you are engaged in a fight further away from the turret. The turret will continue to fire at the enemy you fire at using the rivet gun. This is amazing, it lets you prioritize and say pick off healers from the back line even if a tank is up front trying to shift focus to them.


Overall, this changes Torbjörn’s play style from being a bunker to a more active damage dealer. Molten core seems like a nerf in terms of potential damage dealt, but can now be used to punish enemy players coming through a choke, moving in groups and help control points. The new turret system and Overload are huge buffs for Torbjörn himself, but he can no longer beef up ally healers or save a critically wounded tank with his armor pack.

Psst! Want to know more about Amazon’s secret hardware launch in Seattle?


Here is the summa. Secret is giving amazon more credit, than they deserve, the event seems more rushed and unorganized especially compared to other tech giants.

The echo dot gets an update “industrial design, fabric base with multiple colors” sound familiar? Jokes aside the echo dot is the reason Alexa continues to grow in user base, its pricing and compact footprint made it accessible compared to the Apple HomePod or Google home. The 2018 update gets a 70% louder and sounds better than the previous generation while staying under $50. So better build, better audio and the same price.

The echo input is the amazon echo which cannot create an echo, this pebble shaped device ships without a speaker. Aiming to make existing speakers “smart”. It gives customers the freedom to use speakers of their choice and still have access to Alexa. A nifty idea for $34.99.
The echo sub is a portable subwoofer for echo devices, this is where things get a little iffy. Depending on the number of echo devices in your home you can either configure it to 1.1 or a stereo 2.1 configuration. At $129.99 the little 100W sub doesn’t make much sense to us at the moment but well hold final judgement until they start delivery.

The echo plus is basically a bigger echo with a fabric lining, better audio and a temperature sensor. Do you see what’s happening? They are flooding the market with very similar products all launched at the same time which also compete with each other in one way or the other. Getting back to the echo plus at $149.99 you can add a routine which lets Alexa control the temperature at home or you could use IFTT to write an applet.

There’s a new Alexa enabled smart plug for $24.99, it’s a smart plug just like any other.

The Echo show is a couple of years old now, and honestly, the hardware was never really that spectacular to begin with. Well, Amazon just introduced a new version of the screen, sporting smart speaker, which features a much nicer design and more. Like the rest of the company’s recently introduced Echo products, the new device features a more premium cloth design. The screen size has been doubled to 10 inches, while the speaker has been tweaked to now feature real-time Dolby processing. The product features an eight-microphone array and will integrate Microsoft’s Skype for non-proprietary chatting. The company has also added third-party browsers, including Firefox, further blurring the line between the display-enabled smart speaker and the company’s Fire tablet offerings.There are various other fun new skills for the refreshed product, including a Battleship game. The product will also integrate with Amazon’s  security offerings through the camera and new doorbell API.The newly designed Show should help Amazon compete with the various third-party Smart Displays introduced for Google Assistant, along with a proprietary Google device expected to be announced next month.
Like its predecessor, the product runs $229.

Alexa Guard, Now this is something where we see potential, if polished. It’s a hub which uses existing smart products. You could tell it to turn on the lights before you leave and it would, or it detects glass breaking or smoke and alerts the user on his phone. At its current state much of the functionality can be replicated easily but with proper routines you could possible use it to call emergency services, or provide one time access to UPS. Among the slew of devices Amazon  announced in Seattle is a new Ring Stick Up Cam – stick up, because it’s designed to go anywhere. Well, almost anywhere. The camera comes in two versions, one that’s battery-powered and could be more easily used outdoors, as well as one that’s wired, which may make more sense indoors.These are called The Ring  Stick Up Cam Wired and Ring Stick Up Cam Battery, respectively.The cameras are the first from Ring that are designed for both indoor and outdoor user, and will also connect with Ring’s Neighborhoods app that helps nearby Ring users communicate about suspicious activity in their neighborhood.The device also supports power over Ethernet (PoE) so if your house is wired for that specifically, you’ll have another option to power the device, Amazon says. Another option is through a micro-USB power supply that provides an internet connection and consistent power.When used indoors, the Ring Stick Up Cam will notify users of any suspicious motion inside the home. When used outdoors, home owners can have a view of their property and further surroundings.Both cameras feature motion detection, 1080p full HD resolution, night vision, two-way talk, a siren, and a wide viewing angle. They will also integrate with Ring Alarm and Alexa in the coming months, Amazon says. When Ring Alarm is disarmed, the cameras will stop recording and detecting motion. When Ring Alarm is enabled and is triggered, the siren will sound. It can also be then prompted to start recording.Alexa owners will be able to call up their Stick Up Cam feed by saying “Alexa, show me the living room”

Yes, there’s now an Echo Wall Clock available that has Alexa voice capabilities by pairing with an existing Echo device over Bluetooth.That means you can ask Alexa to do things like set alarms and timers, and the lines on the clock will illuminate as the time progresses. Alarms and timers, of course, are two of the most-used Echo features, and a wall clock makes sense as a place where people might like to use them, or so Amazon thinks.At the event, the company demonstrated using the clock for setting a pasta timer, which illuminates the minutes on the clock. This 60 LED ring can display multiple timers at the same time, countdown to some event, as well as show visual animations along with the chimes for timers, alarms, and reminders.The 10-inch clock is powered by a battery, and automatically syncs the current time.

Another subscription based content provider, Yay! #sarcasm. Firetv recast is a DVR which has an app that tells you the optimal location to setup an antenna. You can use this to stream the content available to echo spot, echo show, fire tv and other devices.  Unless you are away from home and hate sports bars this is a pass for us at $229.99 and 500GB of storage.
Echo auto, now you can have Alexa in your car, the device uses either the auxiliary port which is a good way to wear down or break the port on your car or Bluetooth to connect to the ICE in your car. Great Bluetooth is amazing, Bluetooth everything, However it needs your phone to connect to your car? The idea is useful but implementation is clunky at best. The location aware services can be used to say open your garage door when you arrive or turn the air condition off when you leave, but if you can do most if this using just your smart phone and the external device is not seamless enough to compete with a car that comes with android auto. If you need to make your old car “smart” then maybe.
Something that we dint mention because it’s getting kind of ridiculous at this point is the $60 Alexa microwave can use nearby echo devices to start making popcorn and has dash replenish

We kept the best for the last which for us is the awkwardly named Echo Link Amp. This is a $300 streaming amplifier with multiroom and voice control, and it’s a companion to the new Sonos Connect-like Echo Link.While the Link is a strange proposition,who has a power amp sitting around that they’d connect a $200 Amazon preamp to? The Link Amp makes much more sense. It is essentially a “BYO speakers” mini system.
It includes a 60-watt x 2-channel amplifier, Coaxial in/out, Optical in/out, Line in/out and Subwoofer output
The Amp is part of Alexa’s expanded multiroom system, which incorporates devices that now include the new Echo Plus and the Echo Sub. As far as its competition in the market the closest is the Sonos Amp, but that device offers HDMI, twice the power and retails for $600.
Amazon says the Amp offers “voice control music selection and playback with your compatible Echo device or the Alexa app.” While it’s obvious that the company wants you to interact with the device via voice it’s a little disappointing that there’s no onboard microphone or even a source indicator. At this stage it’s unclear if the inputs will even be selectable or if everything connected will simply play at once. (Hopefully it’s the former.)
The good the bad the meh.
The largest improvement here is the one actually made to Alexa her self, they have improved contextual conversation, like asking her a question and not having to trigger her again for a follow up question. Performance improvements and natural responses rival google assistant. But she still cant use artificial intelligence to schedule a hair cut on your behalf.
The Echo Link Amp could a very strong contender to any of the premium smart sound setups but we lack information regarding the same as of now. If you have a good set of speakers and don’t mind an active microphone in your house get the amazon input. It looks like best way to get into the ecosystem.
The smart wall clock is super pointless but super cool, because everyone needs a good alarm. The event has been long and tiring similar to this article there is way too much for us to pay attention to. The new echo dot is a good upgrade from the previous generation and you can always pair this to a larger speaker in the future.
The Echo auto and ring cam is a pass for now and the echo plus is decent device, but falls short compared to its own more affordable siblings.

Meltdown & Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. These hardware bugs allow programs to steal data which is currently processed on the computer. While programs are typically not permitted to read data from other programs, a malicious program can exploit Meltdown and Spectre to get hold of secrets stored in the memory of other running programs. This might include your passwords stored in a password manager or browser, your personal photos, emails, instant messages and even business-critical documents.

Meltdown and Spectre work on personal computers, mobile devices, and in the cloud. Depending on the cloud provider's infrastructure, it might be possible to steal data from other customers.



Meltdown breaks the most fundamental isolation between user applications and the operating system. This attack allows a program to access the memory, and thus also the secrets, of other programs and the operating system.If your computer has a vulnerable processor and runs an unpatched operating system, it is not safe to work with sensitive information without the chance of leaking the information. This applies both to personal computers as well as cloud infrastructure. Luckily, there are software patches against Meltdown.



Spectre breaks the isolation between different applications. It allows an attacker to trick error-free programs, which follow best practices, into leaking their secrets. In fact, the safety checks of said best practices actually increase the attack surface and may make applications more susceptible to Spectre

Spectre is harder to exploit than Meltdown, but it is also harder to mitigate. However, it is possible to prevent specific known exploits based on Spectre through software patches.

Tell Time

You don’t need a watch to keep time, Galileo Galilei managed to keep time with a piece of string, based on the fact that a pendulum of a certain length oscillates once every second irrespective of its weight or swing distance. Yes, this was the 1500’s, now your phone tells time and probably tells time with greater accuracy, so why do i own dozens of time pieces and spend hours looking for more. I don’t believe i have a favorite song, color, cologne or dessert. You may enjoy one more than the other but your senses never truly settle.

Things to know before you can call yourself a horologist (Some one interested in the art/science of keeping time).

Calibre” most of you have either heard of or seen the word, mostly due to Tag Heuer placing it in every piece of marketing literature. Calibre simply refers to the movement in a watch, by movement i refer to components responsible for actually moving the hands, date wheel, chronograph, moon phase or any other indicator on the dial. A watch movement can either be mechanical or quartz based.

Yes that is a button cell battery, and before you nod your head in disapproval and navigate away, know that Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega, Hublot, Vacheron Constantin have all made or continue to make quartz based watches. Seiko pioneered the technology and developed Seiko Crystal Chronometer QC-95 in 1964, and managed to create the first wrist worn quarts timepiece the Seiko Quartz-Astron 35SQ in 1969 at around $825,000 in today’s money.

“Quartz” fancy as it sounds is mostly silicon dioxide, as common as it is quartz is piezoelectric which means it vibrates when electricity is passed through it, and more interestingly it vibrates at a precise frequency, exactly 32768 times each second. You use an electronic counter to count the number of vibrations and uses them to generate regular electric pulses. These pulses are used to drive a stepper motor and gears to move the watch hands or display information on a display using a logic board.

Fastest men alive ?

DC comics has been using the Flash and his ability to run through time, every time they need to reboot or alter the time line. Selling more comics and reusing existing story arch’s but this can also be very confusing for new comic book enthusiast. CW’s Flash is one of our favorite TV shows but by introducing a new set of speedsters each season, it has also confused a lot of viewers, so here is a brief breakdown of the scarlet speedster’s main nemesis throughout the years.


Edward Clarris (The Rival)

First appearing in Flash #104, Edward Clarris was a professor who attended the same university as the golden age Flash (Jay Garrick). He managed to recreate the formula which gave the Flash his powers, the formula which he called Velocity 9 gave its user’s temporary super speed. After being discredited by the scientific community, Clariss becomes a criminal donning a darker version of the Flash’s suit with a mask over his head. He was caught and imprisoned by the flash as the effects of Velocity 9 wear off. He inexplicably regains his speed in JSA #16 and in a battle against the Flash, reaches light speed and vanishes into the speed force.  Jonathan (Jhonny) Sorrow retrieves Clariss from the Speed Force, 50 years after his disappearance. The Rival, driven insane in the Speed Force, races across the country on a killing spree. The Flash realizes that the Rival's path across the country spells out Clariss' name and the final murder will be Jay's wife Joan Garrick, Jay absorbs the Rival's speed before he can kill Joan.


Eobard Thawne (Professor Zoom)

One of the most confusing origins, Eobard Thawne’s origin has been altered and rebooted several times. Which is why we will stick to the most popular Post-Crisis and Zero Hour origin. First appearing in Flash #139, Eobard Thawne was a fanatical fan of the silver age Flash (Barry Allen) from the 25th century, and was obsessed with meeting him. He replicated the electro chemical bath which gave Barry his powers and underwent surgery to make him look like the Flash, Eobard traveled back in time using the Cosmic Treadmill (Created by the Flash, the Cosmic treadmill allowed the speedster to travel to specific points in time) to meet the Flash. However, the machine had broken down over the centuries, and Eobard became mentally unstable upon arriving several years after Barry's death at the Flash Museum, where he discovered that he was destined to become "Professor Zoom”, and die at the hands of his idol. As a result, his mind, already disoriented by the stress of time travel, convinced himself that he was Barry Allen, but his true identity is eventually revealed due to his violent nature. When Thawne (as "Barry") attacks Central City for "forgetting him", he is defeated by Wally West and sent back to the future with no memory of the incident. Eobard also finds a time capsule in the 25th century containing the Flash's costume, and was able to use a Tachyon device to amplify the suit's speed energy, giving himself the abilities of the Flash as long as he wore it. In the process, Thawne reversed the colors of the costume, the suit becoming yellow, the boots and lightning bolt highlighting the red color, and the chest symbol's white circle becoming black. He was eventually stopped by Barry, who had travelled forward in time to stop the atomic clock in the time capsule from exploding.

Thawne desperate for revenge appears in the speed force and revives Barry who sacrificed himself during the crisis event, and temporarily makes Barry the Black Flash (Negative Speed force, which kills any speedster he touches, which Barry discovers when he accidently vaporizes Savitar, with his touch).Worried that he would killing Wally, Jay and Bart with a touch decides to return to the speed force during which Barry generates enough positive energy to burn off the negative speed force.

Unable to defeat Barry, he tries to stop him from ever becoming the Flash, which is when he realized that if Barry never became the Flash he would never become the reverse Flash and decides to ruin his life instead and goes back in time, killing Barry’s mother.

Barry goes back in time to save his mother creating Flashpoint, an event that changed history. During this time Thawne kept running in the time stream, making him a living paradox he could be the reverse Flash irrespective of him killing the flash in the past present or future, Thomas Wyane (Batman within Flashpoint) kills Thawne and Barry runs back in time and attempts to reset the timeline once again, allowing his mother to die to create the New 52 merging wild storm vertigo and dc universe together.


Hunter Zolomon (Zoom)

First appearing in The Flash: Secret Files & Origins #3, Hunter Zolomon came home to find police surrounding his house. His father, a serial killer who had killed six young girls, had killed his mother when she turned him in, the day he was to leave for college. His father was killed by the police when he refused to surrender. To stop people like his father, Hunter became obsessed with understanding the criminal mind. He studied psychology and criminology in college and joined the FBI with his girlfriend, Ashley (whom he later married), specializing in low-level costumed criminals. One case resulted in Ashley's father's death, as Hunter erroneously thought the criminal they were after was incapable of facing his adult life, and would not use an "adult" weapon like a gun. Ashley left him shortly afterwards, and he was fired by the FBI. The case left Hunter with a damaged knee. He moved to Keystone City and got a job as a profiler, working with the police in its Department of Metahuman Hostilities. Hunter's work put him in constant contact with the Flash, Wally West, and they became good friends. Although his insight was critical in solving a number of cases, he resented being stuck behind a desk. Hunter was severely injured in an attack by Gorilla Grodd in Iron Heights when Grodd staged a mass prison break, and was left paralyzed from the waist down. He asked Wally West to use the time-traveling cosmic treadmill in the Flash Museum to prevent this, West refused, saying that he could not risk damaging the time stream. Hunter, believing that Wally disregard such fears for the sake of their friendship, broke into the museum and tried to use the treadmill himself. The resulting explosion destroyed the museum, gave Hunter the use of his legs again and shifted his connection to time ("derailing" him from the time stream), giving him super speed and making him one of Wally’s greatest foes.

The origin and costume of Zoom, in the CW universe varies greatly, where he is a serial killer on Earth-2 who was captured and subjected to electroshock therapy at a mental hospital. While he was being treated a particle accelerator exploded, giving him his powers.


Thaddeus Thawne II (Inertia)

First appearing in Impulse #50, President Thaddeus Thawne sought to recruit Bart Allen in his revenge campaign against the Allens. When that failed, Thawne mixed Bart's DNA with Thawne genetic material to create a speedster clone whom he named Thaddeus Thawne. He was trained to hate Impulse and tuned into a sadistic sociopath, who used steroids to boost his speed. After failing to defeat Bart Allen by himself, Inertia began to gather a Rogues Gallery of villains to team up against Flash. Inertia, in a plan to steal the speed force energy for himself, manipulated the Rogues into battle with Bart. As a depowered Bart fought valiantly against the combined might of the Rogues, he saw the spectre of the Black Flash, and died as Iris Allen and Valerie Perez were left to mourn him. Wally West went after Inertia, hunting him down. As Inertia antagonized him, Wally reduced his Inertia's speed to the point that he is completely immobile, becoming a living statue. Inertia was then placed in the Flash Museum facing the tributes to Bart Allen, forced to look at the man that he could never be. Zoom frees Inertia from his frozen state. He teaches him how to tap time as a power source. The Rogues come after Inertia for misleading them into killing Bart, as he was just a kid. Inertia decides he is Kid Zoom. When Zoom objects Inertia removes his powers by "unraveling" time, leaving Zoom as paraplegic Hunter Zolomon. He also hurts Libra. The Pied Piper freezes Inertia, which leaves him vulnerable for the Rogues to stop, and kill, Inertia in a similar way that Bart died.


Danny West (Reverse Flash)

First appearing in Flash Vol 4 #0, Daniel West's mother died giving birth to him, a fact for which his father William never forgave him. This also drove his father to become an abusive alcoholic. His sister Iris protected and supported him until the day his father went too far, and an angry Daniel pushed him down the stairs, crippling him for life. When he realized that Iris' opinion of him would change forever as a result of those actions, Daniel ran away from home, blaming his father instead of himself for what happened. Turning to crime he was captured by the Flash and imprisoned for five years. While he struggled to make it on his own, he was captured by Gorillas when they attacked the Gem Cities. When he was rescued by the Rogues he learned that they still intended to rob those they had saved. In his attempt to escape them, he crashed into Dr. Elias' stolen monorail car, which was powered by a Speed Force battery. The accident imbued him with the ability to turn back time, but that power was dependent on the Speed Force charge in the battery. Unlike other speedsters he wore armor made of the monorail fragments that he could control on his will, Wanting more than anything to go back in time and change his relationship with Iris by killing his father, Daniel dubbed himself the Reverse-Flash and began murdering those who had been touched by the Speed Force in order to drain them of the energy he would need to go back in time far enough to change his own past. In a series of events he causes himself more trauma and Daniel gave his powers up to the Flash to let him fix his mistakes.



A Cold War pilot whose real name is unkown, was to test a supersonic fighter jet. As he reached top speed, his plane was struck by what appeared to be lightning and gave him super speed. As he went down in hostile territory, he discovered his new ability and used his speed to defeat his enimies, he became obsessed with speed, naming himself after Savitr, the Hindu "god of motion", and dedicating his life to unlocking its secrets. As Savitar studied, he discovered new powers that no other living speedster has mastered. He can protect himself in a null-inertia force field, give speed and kinetic energy to objects or people, even those in a rest state, and could also heal his own injuries almost instantly.

He then used Lady Flash (Ivana Christina Borodin Molotova) powers as a catalyst to strip most of Earth's speedsters of their link to the Speed Force, transferring their speed to the Thunderbolt Agents (A cult of Savitar’s followers). He sent a few of these agents to attack Wally West. When these proved ineffectual, he sent more to kill the other speedsters: Impulse, Jay Garrick, Johnny & Jesse Quick, XS and Max Mercury.

Fortunately, Wally’s direct link to the Speed Force prevented Savitar from stealing his speed, and a coalition of all the speedsters he had tried to kill, foiled his plans. Hell-bent on at least destroying Flash’s world in retribution, he led the Flash on a worldwide race of destruction, until Flash merged Savitar with the Speed Force. Savitar was able to escape from the Speed Force. He was run down by the recently returned to life Barry Allen (then effected by negative energy, turning him into the Black Flash) however, when Barry touches him, Savitar disintegrates, leaving only a pile of bones.