Will you Switch ?


The console runs customized Tegra, while the competitions running Octa Jaguar cores and Polaris GPU’s.  Nintendo’s art style makes the most of its hardware and the brilliant first party gameplay will make teraflops irrelevant, things only fanboys like me will claim.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild, will be the last first party game to be made for the Wii U. Nintendo promised to continue support for the Wii U, even after the switch launch. What they meant was the servers will support online activities in games like Mario Kart and Splatoon.

The switch comes bundled with everything you need for $299, or does it? The tiny “Joy-Con” controllers, which you will eventually loose, are $49.99 each and $79.99 for a pair. The Switch Pro Controller, which almost everyone will want is $69.99. The console’s pitiful internal memory will force you to buy an additional microSD card so that’s at least $30 more. Nintendo expects you to carry the Switch around, so that’s an additional $25 for a case. Even if we ignore all accessories, The Switch does not come bundled with a game, which is a capital crime at least to me.

The launch line up of games for the Switch is tragic, you get Zelda which is also releasing on the Wii U. You get Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, that’s a slightly better than DLC for Mario Kart 8. This puts Wii U customers in a horrible predicament. Do you keep the Wii U and enjoy the superior library of games or do you sell the Wii U and get the Switch while it’s worth 10 cents. Nintendo is crippling a relevant system just to sell more Switch units. The Wii U is still a great console, even if sales figures disagree. We’ve spent months playing Smash, Zelda, Pokken, Mario and more, all of which are titles worth replaying.

Fine you decide to bite the bullet and sell your Wii U, what about the library of games you have built over the year? The Switch isn’t backward compatible it doesn’t even have a disk slot. So you’ll have no games for a year and you’ve lost a lot of money selling the games you love.

Updated UI and Online store, finally an actual update, the Switch will not support any media functionality such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Crunchy Roll and worst of all YouTube at launch. No Blueray or DVD playback I could forgive but why aren’t apps that already work on the Wii U missing from the Switch?

Nintendo’s new online subscription service is coming soon, but you need to pair the Switch with an app on your smart phone to access match services. So basically if you have younger kids who don’t have a smart phone yet or for some reason you are against smart phones in general, you can’t access certain features like voice chat. So basically you pay Nintendo to use voice chat on a phone which already has a million apps like including Skype, which let you voice chat for free. The only other benefit to the online service, is the free NES and SNES game downloads, but these “free games” aren’t yours to keep, they will only be available for a month.

I’ve been waiting for the Switch ever since I first heard of the NX, but I am not going to pre order the Switch. I’m going to buy Zelda for the Wii U and hope that Nintendo to get their act together by 2018.

Be The Very Best


How does one become a Pokémon master? By battling of course. Trainers have been battling Pokémon since 1996, as console technology advanced three dimensional character animations became available in Pokémon Stadium and Xd but gameplay has always been turn based. Pokken combines Pokémon and Tekken. My first impressions were rather mixed, you’d think it’s just a Pokémon skin on Tekken, not completely wrong but the game play is much more complex than Tekken or possibly any fighting game to date. Technique is key and picking the right support character can sway the outcome of a battle greatly. As you progress in the game the AI gets smarter and stronger, keeping the game accessible to new comers and challenging for veterans. The only downside is that the leveling system isn’t just specific to you as a trainer. You have to individually level up each Pokémon just like the RPG. I was disappointed at first to see a lot of my favorite Pokémon being left out from the current roster of 20 playable characters, but leveling up a larger set would get rapidly tedious. It’s like picking you first starter Pokémon and its move set based on your play style, do you want a hard hitting Charizard or a lightning quick Pikachu.

Gameplay is split into two phases which you switch in and out of constantly. The field phase which requires you to use ranged attacks from a distance and dodge or block unfriendly projectiles, favoring more agile technical characters and the dual phase which is similar to the close ranged combat style inherent to the genre. Landing a heavy hit in field phase switches you into duel phase, where continual damage is key as Pokken’s pace can turn linked combos into one stroke KO’s. Similarly a heavy attack in duel phase mode can throw you back into field phase, learning the move set for each phase is key. Not only are light attacks quicker than heavy attacks, certain heavy attacks leave you defenseless and vulnerable to attack in case you fail to land a hit. Keeping on blocking and the opponent punishes you with a grab throw combo. Counters need to be planned as breaking an ongoing combo isn’t easy, but get it right and charged counters deal devastating damage. Meter or Synergy can be collected from random drops on the field or during gameplay, collect enough and you can Mega Evolve, Ultimate, Synergy Burst, basically do a crazy amount of damage while being treated to breathtaking animations, if timed properly. Support mechanic is similar to picking a perk you get an additional 30 characters out of which you can whose 2 for each battle and 1 per round, it brings even more variety to an unpredictable game. It’s up to the player to pick a stronger attack that takes longer to regenerate, dish out consistent milder attacks or use support to regain health or a temporary stat boost.

The controls system lets new players execute combos using a single button and experienced users can control timing and complex key combinations to create unique combos. Pokken isn’t just a good Pokémon game, it’s a must have for any fighting game enthusiast and best of all you can play the entire game using just the Wii U Gamepad