iOS 12 Breakdown


As tech enthusiasts we keep switching from one mobile OS to the other, iOS, Android, Windows we’ve tried them all. I personally believed Maemo was the future. So here are our thoughts on iOS 12. Spoiler alert, it is absolutely brilliant. Apple has always had better support for older devices when compared to others. Updates go live to all devices on the same day, if the hardware could handle it, but they tend to get slower or the battery life gets worse, CPU’s get under clocked and so on.

This is the first time that an OS update makes all devices new & old snappier. This means ramping up CPU performance to its highest state for performance and ramping it down to preserve battery life. Everything from system wide transitions, app launches, page traversal, keyboard animations to camera launches are significantly more responsive. Apples statistics estimate a performance gains anywhere from 40-60% from the update alone. Synthetic benchmarks also show a 20-30% increase in scores, but is more likely caused by better optimization of the benchmark itself.


It’s not just better performance there are so many quality of life improvements. Predictive searches and actions get better over time, but they do get better  you’ll find suggested apps to use, people to text back, reminders to attend or book certain events, and more.  Gone is the farrago of notifications and iOS users finally have access to grouped notifications, everything is neatly organized in stacks based on the type of notification or app and allows us to look at each stack based on importance rather than having to sort through them all. You can also choose which notifications you want hidden from the lockscreen. When you receive a notification, swipe to the left and tap on Manage, which allows you to turn them off completely. Alternatively, you can tap on Deliver Quietly, and the notification will appear in the Notification Center but not on the lockscreen. Do not disturb gets a nifty little update, you can now set up time frames where it automatically kicks in and turns off, so you no longer have to worry about doing it manually. You also have the option to prevent notifications from popping up during this time frame. A blessing for those like me who have difficulty sleeping and constantly check messages. Siri is still inferior to Google, at least for my virtual assistant needs but it’s getting better with each iteration. With Siri Shortcuts, the voice assistant is capable of much more via quick actions that can all be assigned through the new Shortcuts app. There isn’t much you can do at the moment other than customize voice commands to trigger a specific action. For instance, by telling Siri our home address (or whatever phrase you want), we can have the Lyft app launch immediately. As mentioned earlier, Siri will continue to get better and provide better suggestions as we continue to use it. Since we already use the Spotlight Search tool on a daily basis to access certain apps, suggestions conveniently show up underneath and they’re genuinely helpful. If we’re having a conversation with a friend via text and either haven’t responded or tend to text them more often than others, Siri suggests to send a message. When we missed a phone call from a family member, we received a suggestion to make a call back.

You can also create your own voice-activated shortcuts in your device's settings. You pick an app action you'd like Siri to fire up and record a voice command. For example "Hey Siri, start recording" can create a voice memo The Shortcuts app lets you string together multiple shortcut actions into a sort of macro you can either launch from your home screen or activate by talking to Siri. If you're a longtime Mac user, think of it as Automator for your iPhone. After using the app for a while, it's clear why Apple didn't bundle it with this update: Shortcuts is one of the few additions to iOS I've seen that feels like a nod to power users.

Commonly used apps such as Photos, Stocks and iMessage have also been redesigned and look more polished and sleek. There is also a new augmented reality app which can be used to measure physical objects, that’ll come in handy if not it’s just a fun tool to play with.  The keyboard experience is also significantly better, scrolling through text has never been smoother.

Now for features I’m not too sure of, similar to Android P, iOS12 tells you how many times we pick up our phone per hour and App Limits which allow you to set a limit for how long you can use an app. Helping people overcome their addiction to their cellphones is a noble cause but it’s extremely easy to override the limit. The option to either turn off the restriction or delay it is offered to you via a pop-up, without having to take extra steps to get to your Settings. So it doesn’t really stop me from using my device as I always do. Well hold final verdict on battery life for now, but currently I do not see any progress. There have been reports of iPhone users complaining that their screen appears washed out, losing black levels and color saturation. There is a very aggressive skin smoothing issue with the front camera on the latest iPhones, which cannot be toggled off in software. In had retry several times to add a Google account to the mail app, for some reason.

So what are you waiting for ? Jailboken or not this is an update you do not want to wait and the update works on any device that could run iOS 11.

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