Is the S3 still relevant?

I have been fiddling around with my old Samsung Galaxy S3, mostly because I was bored with iOS. I'm using Blisspop ROM on the standard kernel and clockwork recovery ROM. The phone has been my secondary device for over a month now and the ROM is very usable. The S3 runs smooth and handles android lollipop very well. The OS itself is very polished and clean, there is a sense of quality in the interface. Things are not just flat and light toned. Third party apps are still behind and tend to favor iOS. The S3 is slower to boot on this ROM as it tends to optimize apps at every boot or so it says. I may have had 2-3 hard reboots but I faced this glitch with every phone I've used, even iPhones'. The battery life is pretty decent, I get a day and half on light use and a full day or normal to heavy use (Not watching videos on 3G). I've had no network issues, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth works well too. There are no camera bugs like most ROM's and all third party apps I tried have been working perfectly even apps that require root access. So, if anyone's interested and isn’t shy to root their phone, here's the link.


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