With the Pebble

Pebble just launched the pebble steel which certainly helps those who want a smart watch that isn't ugly. Before I put down $249, I wanted to see if I actually would use the pebble. So here's what I think after a week’s use. The pebble is incredibly light, at only 38 grams, it's the most comfortable smart watch I've tried. The Strap is ideal for the sporty but isn't particularly dressy. It doesn't feel cheap but it isn’t going to increase your style quotient either. On the bright side the E-paper display is amazing in bright sunlight, perfectly readable and still manages to provide 5-6 days of use. Having tried the pebble with iOS and Android, I must say that I prefer the Android experience. The pebble kept disconnecting itself from the iPhone and the App store is considerably slow. Pebble recently launched the 2.0 Firmware update, the update process is fast and simple although they were no add-ons. Besides the App store we can expect great support from pebble in the future. The pebble uses an ARM Cortex-M3 at 80MHz, which doesn't sound like much but is perfectly capable of powering the device. The only hardware limitation I ran into is the inadequate memory on the pebble. I was able to use up the internal memory within minutes although there isn't much I could have done with it anyway. But the pebble is an ideal tool in keeping you connected, like when you receive texts while driving, changing music tracks at the gym, keeping you notified during a sport. These are just a few of the many reasons why I’d like to own a pebble. On the contrary the pebbles’ proprietary charge cable renders the device useless if you forget to charge it. The accelero-meter isn't the most accurate one I've ever used and the buttons need to be a bit more tactile and responsive. The pebble does what it’s supposed to do very well, but it needs a lot more apps to reach its ultimate potential. Personally I'm not going to buy a pebble just yet, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for a smart watch.

For more information visit https://getpebble.com/discover