Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau!


The FPS genre isn’t short of great games Counter Strike, Titanfall, Halo, Destiny, Doom, Rainbow Six, Battlefield, Call of Duty and the almighty Half Life 2 to name a few. FPS players are some of the most competitive and dedicated gamers on the planet. Countless hours perfecting head shots, Thousands of dollars invested on high refresh rate low lag panels, network equipment and bleeding edge hardware only to edge out the competition. Fans of a franchise are fanatical about their title, COD vs Battlefield is nerd El Clasico. Only the exceptionally inventive can hope to attain recognition in this saturated a market.

Overwatch isn’t all about vaporizing enemies to score points, stunning diversity is its greatest strength. 23 playable characters to date, each impeccably designed vary in skill sets, play style, personality, gorgeous art style and a backstory make Overwatch the best team based game of 2016. All characters are unlocked from the moment you sign in, 21 at launch (Sombra and Ana were added as free DLC). There is no pay to win system, the only items one can buy with actual currency are loot boxes which contain skins, voice lines, character animations all of which can be unlocked by leveling up in the game. Team building is essential in Overwatch, although characters are mostly divided into Attack, Defense, Tank and Healer each character plays very differently and it is up to the player to adapt. There can only be one of each character in a team making it crucial to familiarize oneself with the strengths and weakness of each character.

Quick play requires you to either move or stop a convoy, which moves along a fixed route. Learning the map gives you a better chance of setting up, a difficult to hit bastion or hidden widowmaker can prove devastating.

The game is usually well balanced although the recent buff to Symetra makes her rather OP at close range. Each character is has a counter and the ability to switch characters after each respawn, combined with intense overtimes make matches exiting to the end. It isn’t all about the character either, every map is unique and well executed. Blizzards continual updates bringing new and limited themed loot boxes throughout the year, brawls and varying arcade gameplay keep the game endlessly entertaining.


The entry barrier to most online FPS games are very high and can be disheartening for new comers. As a 6v6 multiplayer, objective-based shooter, Yes, the character head shot damage modifier is much bigger than most ranked FPS games, but Overwatch finds accessibility not by lowering the skill ceiling, but by broadening the definition of skill. The person with deadshot aim is no more valuable than the person with the decision-making ability to know when a well-timed ability will turn an engagement, or the person with the map-sense to find the optimal locations to place sentry turrets.

Blizzard is legend in the realm of online gaming and with Overwatch as their new champion have affirmed their dominance over it. The pivotal marketing campaign pulling in 9 million users on beta out of which 7.6 million of them kept playing post launch. "Players have swapped heroes 326 million times and teamed up to deliver 11 million payloads to their destinations on the battlefields of tomorrow." Was their only press statement prior to launch. Currently there are 20 million Overwatch players all over the world and this figure is only growing.

Blizzard Beautiful, Diverse and immense tactical depth, Overwatch is a must play. If you don’t trust our review, Overwatch is free to play on the weekends on PSN, It will not disappoint.

Neural Link Established

If you are familiar with Titanfall, it quite possible you dint pay much attention to Titanfall 2 and initial sales figures did indicate the same. The lack of a single player campaign, ridiculous unlock system, Xbox exclusivity and the unbalanced Titan mechanics in multiplayer left a bitter taste if unmatched expectations especially considering the hype it generated post E3 2013.

Instead of teasing you till the end of the page, lets jump right into it, Titanfall 2 is absolutely stunning. It is better than the original in every way and could be our favorite game of 2016. It’s fast paced, visually stunning and incredibly entertaining. The game has a proper 6hr long story driven single player campaign, that’ll challenge fps player and platformer lover alike. COD may have created the whole wall run, double jump atmosphere but nothing comes close to the sheer momentum of Titanfall. The parkour style gameplay isn’t optional either, the levels are designed such that you either master traversal or quit. Luckily you have the Ghost mechanic to aid you if required, basically a hologram directing you on how to get from point A to B. Although you start as Rifleman Cooper, who aspires to be a pilot someday, A mortally-wounded mentor to transfer ownership of his Titan, BT, over to you in the first 10 minutes of the campaign. Although unusable until restored, BT’s voice and humor is a welcomed addition while you leap around looking for fuel cells. The unlikely friendship that grows between Jack and BT elevates the story mode into something that’s truly rewarding. You quickly believe that these characters really care for each other, which is repeatedly demonstrated by their actions throughout the campaign. BT is a devastating vanguard class Titan during firefights and a friendly giant at other times. Although game play is at its core fps, the game periodically separates both pilot and Titan which makes their relation almost symbiotic. You need BT to get through toxic sludge among other perils and often BT won’t be able progress without your aid. Titanfall’s boss battles have you facing other Titans which are interesting but not too challenging. Unlike previous titan fall games the Titan load out can be switched on the fly and picking the right mix of offensive and defensive abilities makes the boss battles much more satisfying.


Multi player has been essential to the franchise and they have improved upon where the original left off. Attrition mode is back, player and Titan mobility has been increased, and Titan drops now happen quicker, thanks to a change which sees players receiving a small passive amount of Titan meter every few seconds. Meanwhile, the HUD has been improved, and bots are available in certain modes such as the new addition Bounty Hunt. Along the aforementioned modes, players can also compete in Mixtape, which constantly changes modes with each game; Amped Hardpoint, which has you stealing and protecting bases, Pilots vs. Pilots, 8v8 Mixtape, Last Titan Standing, Capture the Flag and Free for All. Coliseum allows users to have quake style 1v1 Titan battles but we won’t pay a lot of attention to something that requires you to but Doritos and Mountain Dew. Though some issues from the tech beta still remain, Titanfall 2’s multiplayer remains fun and addictive. There’s no season pass either, meaning every player is given access to any new map, weapon or mode for the life of the game.

A brilliant single player campaign married to inventive, skill-intensive multiplayer that takes fps to a whole new level. If you haven’t played it yet, try it and we are sure you’ll grab a copy immediately. Best played on the PC, Titanfall 2 is also available now on the PS4 along with the XBOX.

Hell on Mars

IDDQD if you are as old as I, you probably remember what that does. Doom has been around for over two decades and yet gameplay feels identical to the 1993 original, at least single player does. You charge into a room, shotgun demons in the face and repeat. There is little to no story, but looking for a plot in Doom feels dishonest. Doom excels are at what its supposed to be, great shooting and a variety of goring elite kills, which not lets you rip a demons arm off and beat it to death with it, but lets you regain health and ammo in the process. If you do get tired of the mindless violence, you have the opportunity to explore the rather large game environment and seek out hidden goodies all over including 26 Doom Guys. Doom is also one of the best looking games of 2016, the lighting and character models, explosions all look brilliant, especially on PC (Ultra Settings). The game is well optimized and transitions effortlessly between cut scenes, animations and gameplay. Fast, Frantic and absolutely Fantastic.

Doom Guy

Unfortunately, that’s just the single player campaign. Doom’s multi player is for the lack of a better word confused. It’s a bit of call of duty, some quake and melee cut scenes that teleport you with very little control.

Load outs give you two weapons each time you spawn and you pick up perk modules within the map. More experienced players will know where items are located and the shortcut system makes it exponentially challenging for the newer player. My biggest gripe about the multi player is the demon ruins, which let you transform into one of four demons. The system is critically imbalanced and lets you one shot enemies, it negates all player skill as you either run and hide from a demon or die. The snap map system works well and lets users create their own maps and share them online, users have already recreated classic levels among others which provides variety and adds to the overall experience. Doom isn’t a must buy, but for old fans this is a welcomed addition.