Tell Time

You don’t need a watch to keep time, Galileo Galilei managed to keep time with a piece of string, based on the fact that a pendulum of a certain length oscillates once every second irrespective of its weight or swing distance. Yes, this was the 1500’s, now your phone tells time and probably tells time with greater accuracy, so why do i own dozens of time pieces and spend hours looking for more. I don’t believe i have a favorite song, color, cologne or dessert. You may enjoy one more than the other but your senses never truly settle.

Things to know before you can call yourself a horologist (Some one interested in the art/science of keeping time).

Calibre” most of you have either heard of or seen the word, mostly due to Tag Heuer placing it in every piece of marketing literature. Calibre simply refers to the movement in a watch, by movement i refer to components responsible for actually moving the hands, date wheel, chronograph, moon phase or any other indicator on the dial. A watch movement can either be mechanical or quartz based.

Yes that is a button cell battery, and before you nod your head in disapproval and navigate away, know that Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega, Hublot, Vacheron Constantin have all made or continue to make quartz based watches. Seiko pioneered the technology and developed Seiko Crystal Chronometer QC-95 in 1964, and managed to create the first wrist worn quarts timepiece the Seiko Quartz-Astron 35SQ in 1969 at around $825,000 in today’s money.

“Quartz” fancy as it sounds is mostly silicon dioxide, as common as it is quartz is piezoelectric which means it vibrates when electricity is passed through it, and more interestingly it vibrates at a precise frequency, exactly 32768 times each second. You use an electronic counter to count the number of vibrations and uses them to generate regular electric pulses. These pulses are used to drive a stepper motor and gears to move the watch hands or display information on a display using a logic board.

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