The force is strong with this one

Fan service to some and insight to others, the Star Wars saga continues to bring lesser known characters and concepts into lime light with each episode, Rogue One is no exception. We didn't really know what to expect with a cast this diverse, but they fit in perfectly and remain unpredictable till the end. For fear of spoiling too much of an amazing movie, we'll keep the character breakdown brief.

Jyn Erso starts off strong, interesting mostly because of her father Galen Erso, who the Empire is hunting down. It may be due to time constraints but her story growing up lacked appeal, she goes from a scared child to the typical rebellious teenager, unwilling rebel pawn and a compassionate and committed rebel leader. Despite being Felicity Rose’s best performances. The character felt underutilized just like Saw Gerrera, why would you cast someone as amazing as Forest Whitaker and only give him what felt like ten minutes of screen time? Galen Erso on the other hand, a character who we knew very little about until now, becomes almost immediately crucial to the saga. It’s refreshing to see Mads Mikkelsen play an emotionally attached character while still being unyielding and intense. He is the reason the rebels even stood a chance against the empire. Cassian shows us that even the rebels have to make hard or even dark choices. Unlike other episodes you do not have a Jedi council advising you on each move. Rogue one emphasizes on the gritty details of the rebellion, the difference in opinions, the gut calls and in the end being a ‘rebel’. Chirrut Imwe, once protector of the Kyber crystals turned rebel was one of our favorites, and the closest entity to a Jedi in the entire movie. “I am one with the force and the force is with me” was probably the most sought out pseudo-rhyme that everyone went home with. It grows into something more and his delivery of it makes the force feel very real. Force sense, Zatoichi, Blasters, X-Wings, destroyers, AT-ATs, one of the best action sequences in Star Wars history and the movie still managed to give every character a moment of their own. We were worried about Disney corrupting the franchise, instead they’ve managed to make it emotionally engaging and realistic. K2SO was perfect, his witty humor could give C3PO a run for his money and manages to remain more memorable than most astromechs.

And of course you have the sith lord himself, voiced by James Earl Jones, Darth Vader is a character you never get tired of. “Be careful not to choke on your aspirations” The best movie moment this year. You get a glimpse of what he really is for the first time, a ruthless leader, someone who uses the animosity of the dark force as a rebel slaughtering weapon. We have never seen Darth Vader in such combat. The fear he instills when his saber fires up, the ease with which he deflects blaster rays, force choking his victims while they fire frantically. In these 40 seconds everyone watching will be seduced by the dark side.
To top it all off you have the moment that was being built up throughout the movie. Let’s hope the next movie we get to venture into Obi-Wans Kenobi’s cellar in his Tatooine home and extract instructions for building a light saber.Everything about the movie, from its first frame, enraptures all the thrills that the The Force Awaken left us yearning for. Beautiful visuals, skillfully crafted locations Jedha, Scarif, Wobani, some of the best CGI and cinematography. Outstanding action and story that kept us at the edge of our seats. Rogue One is not a movie you want to miss.

May the force be with you.

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